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“A home should reflect the people that live there, not a page out of a catalog or replication of a showroom floor.”

Angela has over two decades of experience in Interior Design-while she studied Interiors learning the technical aspects the true schooling happened in the field. After a stint in the textile industry and working as an assistant designer, Angela created her design firm in 1997 and since has worked with clients on anything from new build to complete gut renovations.

With a deep rooted passion for interior architecture Angela is highly skilled at reworking interior floor plans, cabinet design and interior architectural features. Angela’s aesthetic is versatile not staid in one era, a lover of all good design. She prides herself on creating warm inviting environments by layering thoughtfully planned interior spaces with beautifully designed functional cabinetry, comfortable seating, new and old furnishings for a balance that suits the home and those who live in it.